Weekly community-led housing group skills workshops until 12 December 2018

Are you involved in creating a housing community? Want to create a strong group? Want to build a community that is nourishing and practical, enabling and effective?

There are ways to enjoy finding the answers to these questions! BHCLT member Marcela López Levy, is running FREE weekly drop-in workshops on group skills, once a month combining with a BHCLT social. The dates of the socials are the 21 November and 12 December. This is a good opportunity to learn and practice community-building and project management skills in a supportive environment. Bring your experience and your questions.

Workshops will run every Wednesday, 6.30pm-8.00pm, until 12 December. They will take place in The Lord Nelson pub.

For more details contact groupwork@playen.net.

The workshops are free, but we require participants to become BHCLT members (fee £1). Join here: bhclt.org.uk/membership

Marcela López Levy is a member of Sussex Cohousing. She trained as a community mediator to work with housing co-ops in the 1990s and since then has facilitated group processes for strategy, communication and learning in start-ups, charities and community groups. Marcela is currently training as a group analyst, which is giving her a deeper understanding of reflective practice and group processes.

Open Weekly Meeting in Brighton & Hove

Workshops every Wednesday until 12 December, 6.30pm-8.00pm in The Lord Nelson pub. Once a month they will coincide with BHCLT socials – the dates of the socials are 21 November and 12 December. The sessions are FREE to attend. For more details contact groupwork@playen.net.

The weekly workshops will share and address common issues for cohousing groups and housing co-ops, including: inclusion, membership, group dynamics, decision-making, effective communication, how to deal with differences/conflict, as well as anything specific you want to bring to the group.

Drop-in or come regularly to experience ways to build community and learn about group processes in an informal and friendly context. You can bring specific situations to share or come along to learn or practise skills with others. This is a trial run so it would be great to get feedback from people on how useful it is for helping develop their project.

Please get in touch with us on admin@bhclt.org.uk with information on any access needs you have and we will make every effort to help you access the event if you’d like to join us.

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