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Community engagement and community-led housing – video

On 27 September, Keith Brown (Community Organiser for Nationwide) and Sam Kinch (Heart of Hastings) gave a workshop on how to get the wider community involved in a community-led housing project. They are both community organisers that are trying to build a community, not just houses.

Keith Brown gave the first half and talked about how he is working to build community around Oakfield Campus, a significant new housing development in Swindon. His role is to ensure those living locally are supported to have their say on the number and mix of properties to be built, and to help create positive change in their neighbourhood. Watch his half below:

(if the video above appears blurry when watching, click Settings and then Quality in the YouTube player and select the highest quality your internet connection can handle)
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Community-led development in the Heart of Hastings

Just along the coast, Heart of Hastings Community Land Trust are doing exciting things in community-led housing and land development. Some of the BHCLT staff team and Directors visited the CLT on Wednesday 28 November to have a look at what they’re up to and share our experiences with each other.

In the foyer of Rock House

As a coastal community, Hastings has some similarities to Brighton & Hove but it’s on the brink of a wave of gentrification that we have already experienced and is about to become somewhere where house prices outstrip wages.

We met Jess, Shelley, Sam, and James from the Heart of Hastings team at Rock House, a building which James told us is the centre of a ‘co-operative ecosystem’. Rock House is in the White Rock area of Hastings – where much of Heart of Hastings’ work is focused. It is one of the town’s poorest neighbourhoods but is changing rapidly.

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