Our vision and values

(what we want the future to be like)

Brighton & Hove communities taking initiatives leading to:

  • fairer access to stable and secure housing that enables well-being and is genuinely affordable in perpetuity
  • vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods that play a positive role in their local and wider communities.
  • positive contributions to the environment, and low carbon solutions that limit our impact on the planet
  • creative innovation for different ways of living, working and playing together sustainably for the 21st century.

(what we are and what we do)

We are a grassroots movement enabling, and campaigning for, community-led development in Brighton an Hove, led by our large and diverse membership of local people and accountable to them and the wider community.

(methodological principles)

Self-help and mutual aid
We believe that people in communities have the power, knowledge and experience to collaborate with each other and make positive change happen. Through mutual care we contribute to individual and collective well-being.

Local focus
We promote the local economy and the satisfaction of local needs, at the same time as supporting a vibrant urban life that is open and welcoming to others.

Artistic expression
We encourage celebration, fun and cultural expression, and promote them in the processes and the place-making we support.

Learning by doing
Everything we do is a learning experience, for individuals, groups and wider communities. We think it is important to reflect on our action, and ensure our learning is captured and shared.

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